Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

It’s simple to be healthy and still have a great Thanksgiving! To avoid the pounds but still have a fun holiday, follow these simple tips this Thanksgiving:

– Take a family walk early in the day and after Thanksgiving dinner. A walk is great for family bonding and burning off extra calories to prevent weight gain

– Watch portions! You can still indulge in all of your Thanksgiving favorites as long as you exercise moderation and consume smaller portions

– Eat breakfast- Have a small breakfast (such as an egg or a piece of toast) Thanksgiving morning to take the edge off your hunger so that you are less likely to overeat during dinner

– Eat slowly- Savor your food and focus on family and friends. You will be less likely to overeat and feel fuller on a plate of food

– Balance your plate! Have an even amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables on your plate in addition to meat and other courses


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